Heritage Lottery Fund Award 2006


SV2G Celebrates Grant from Heritage Lottery Fund

Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded a grant of £18,400 to the High Wycombe based organisation St Vincent and the Grenadines Second Generation (SV2G) to their Steel Pan project.

The Wycombe Steel Orchestra will showcase at the ‘Wycombe Community Festival’ on Saturday 9th September 2006 at The Hamilton Primary School Grounds, proceeds go to the Wycombe Mayor’s Appeal for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Trust. “The programme of the day is very much a family day where we will have a designated picnic area with a Jazz band to play, and over in the main area the steel pans will showcase followed by other local talent. We have arranged for an African group of singers and dancers to spice things up along with another steel pan orchestra from Reading. The main caterers for the day is a company form London that are experienced in catering for outdoors (Caribbean cuisine!).  We are still looking for an organisation to set up a cream tea stand, and others to man the children stalls i.e. face painting etc. Thames Valley Police, BCUC, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and many more organisations” said Jacqueline Roberts.

Background Information for Steelpan Proiect. The steel pan project aims to increase awareness of African Caribbean history and culture through music using the history of the steel pan. The project will include workshops, exhibitions, and events. The project will start with musical workshops teaching 9-I3 year old children to play steel pans and learn the history, culture and variations of the steel pan. The workshops will extended to parents and grand parents wishing to learn the steel pan. The children will showcase their new found skills at a community festival being held later this ear at Hamilton School and again in celebration of Black History Month. SV2 objective is to highlight the need for Caribbean heritage within the community, enabling everyone to gain greater and wider knowledge of Caribbean culture, and therefore creating a more cohesive society.

Jacqueline Roberts of SV2G said “We are delighted to receive the HLF grant it will enable young people and adults in the High Wycombe area to learn more about Caribbean culture and heritage. Our Community festival is a great way to get the whole family involved.”

Sheena Vick, Regional Manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund’s South East England team added, “This is an excellent example of the diverse range of projects that we can fund and demonstrates the contribution that different communities can make to our shared heritage. We are glad to be able to fund this project which will provide opportunities for people in High Wycombe to learn more about the rich tradition of the steel band”.

The project is open to children 9 years and above. All lessons will be free. If you have an interest and would like to participate please contact SV2G on 01494 436269, or 07967 296789.

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