Diaspora Connections

‘Diaspora Connections’ focuses on building the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to communicate and engage with their expatriate communities for initiatives related to home country development and to encourage more development-oriented migration policies.

According to the High Commission, 24,000 Vincentian nationals currently reside in the UK (N.B. this figure does not include Ireland, where there is a growing number of nationals). Through SV2G’s outreach work within the community and its delivery of heritage projects, SV2G identified barriers faced by St Vincent and the Grenadines nationals and their descendants  regarding participation in the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines. This led to the development of the ‘SVG Diaspora UK initiative’  which includes an annual event held in High Wycombe given it has the largest population of Vincentians. Diaspora Forums will be held throughout the year to address challenges and opportunities within the diaspora.

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