The SVG40 project, held in 2019, aimed to serve the UK Vincentian and Caribbean diaspora through branding activities and events developed to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Independence for St Vincent & the Grenadines. The ‘Unifying to Inspire our Nation’ theme encouraged all communities to learn more about and experience Vincentian and Caribbean culture, as well as that of the African Continent.

Led by SV2G in partnership with Vincy Alliance Mas, the National Council of St Vincent and the Grenadines Associations UK and various other groups, the  initiative explored Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic challenges and also opportunities for development within the arts in general and more specifically connected with African and Caribbean arts, heritage and culture. Key speakers included the musician Dale Davis, bass player and musical director for Amy Winehouse, and other global artists including Hance John. The SVG40 Expo event was sponsored by Kestrel Liner Agencies and the Holiday Inn.


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