Wycombe Community Festival

Wycombe Community Festival was set up by SV2G in 2006 to provide a platform to showcase young musical talent in the area. This popular family event ran for 10 years and enjoyed great support from the community. We are currently reviewing the festival concept with a view to re-launching it as it provides a brilliant opportunity to extend our carnival activities, a key element of our community’s social, cultural and artistic identity.

The objectives of the festival will continue to be:

  • To deliver a high quality community-led festival event that celebrates the diverse communities in the Wycombe District
  • To provide an opportunity for local musicians and dancers to perform on a stage with good production support before a large audience
  • To reflect and develop the community’s artistic interests and talents
  •  To work in collaboration with local schools, cultural organisations community centres, housing associations and local businesses
  • To provide training opportunities for young people in relation to production and event management
  • To develop partnerships with local stakeholders to ensure that the Festival / Carnival is further embedded at the core of the cultural calendar and maintains an appeal to the diverse resident community
  • To enhance community cohesion by seeking to ensure that people from different backgrounds get on well together and have meaningful interactions
  • To be accessible to the widest possible audience, with particular emphasis on those that lack knowledge, confidence or resources to engage in cultural opportunity

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