SVG40- UK Diaspora Launch & Vincy Alliance Mas Band –Notting Hill Carnival Launch Event




SVG40- UK Diaspora Launch & Vincy Alliance Mas Band –Notting Hill Carnival Launch Event

On Saturday 4th May 2019, SVG40 was launched as the UK Diaspora celebrations for St. Vincent & the Grenadines’ 40th Anniversary of Independence in conjunction with Vincy Alliance Mas Band Launch for Notting Hill Carnival 2019. The event was held at the Yaa Asantewaa Centre in London, UK.

The event was attended by the Deputy High Commissioner Miss Jinelle Adams; Chairman of the National Council for St. Vincent & the Grenadines UK Associations Mr Noel Lewis along with members of the Executive Committee; and the new Investor for the former Buccament Bay Resort.


SVG40 is a not-for-profit initiative serving the UK Diaspora with the branding of activities and events celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Independence for St Vincent & the Grenadines. The theme for SVG40 is “Unifying to Inspire our Nation” to encourage all communities to experience and learn more about Vincentian and Caribbean culture, as well as the African Continent itself within the UK Diaspora. The overall purpose will have a focus on building the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to communicate with and engage their expatriate communities in initiatives related to home country development, and contributing to the increase of more development-oriented migration policies.  Led by SV2G and in partnership with Vincy Alliance Mas, the National Council of St. Vincent & the Grenadines Associations UK, and various other groups, they will establish a framework at the Diaspora leadership symposium next month.

During the summer of this year, a large Vincentian presence will be at the London Notting Hill Carnival, Europe’s largest Caribbean street celebration with over two million visitors to celebrate Caribbean heritage and culture.  The theme for Vincy Alliance Mas will be ‘Super Nova’ as a representation of the “death of colonialism” and the birth of Independence in 1979 for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our brightest moment was the day we gained independence from Britain on 27th October 1979.  Supernova will mark St Vincent & the Grenadines’ 40th Independence Anniversary and nationals will be explosive on the road for London Nottinghill Carnival with distinguished beaming costume sections.  Vincy Alliance Mas has aimed to stay true to their roots with support from SV2G and as a partner of

SVG40, having engaged with a local Vincentian artiste Hartiem Farrell. Hartiem’s work ‘Cosmic Rays’ will also be used as an example to highlight the benefits of Vincy Mas as an art form to export and its ability to attract international collaborations with commissions in the Diaspora.

For the autumn term, another large Vincentian presence will be created for SVG40 EXPO 2019, the Diaspora Expo with two major components, The Diaspora Forums and the Caribbean Village featuring the Everything Vincy Emporium. The Diaspora Forums will include ‘Diaspora Challenges & Opportunities’ covering; Post Brexit, Investment, Creative Arts, Crime, Policing and the Justice System. Screenings from the recent Hairouna Film Festival will also be presented during the network sessions.  An onsite indoor Caribbean Village featuring the Everything Vincy Emporium will be created for Vincentian’s to market their products and services to the UK, and to generate an increased interest in Vincentian culture, merchandise and heritage.


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